A static site is the least difficult sort of site you can develop. Static sites are less demanding to make than dynamic sites, since they require less coding and development timings. Each Page is coded in HTML (hyper text markup language), CSS (cascading templates) and show a similar data to each visitor. This type of website doesn’t required database on backend side. The main pages on the World Wide Web were to a great extent static and unchanged, conveying a similar data about a specific theme to any individual who visited. If client want to change the content then they need to email content to developer and developer will change or update the content on website.

Static website design don’t have to use any sort of algorithms to calculate what data to display on pages or pull in information from different servers. Static website design is suitable for businesses where client doesn’t need data updation in sort span of time.

Since static Web pages contain fixed code, the data of each page does not change except if it is physically changed by the website admin. Static Website delivers information without much fancy look and animations because static websites are economical to develop and maintained.

Weblooks IT Services are developing static website enable you to introduce and advance your image, items or administrations on the web in the most straightforward, powerful, and economical manner. Our creative website specialists understand your business prerequisite, consolidate their technical knowledge and innovative thinking to come up with the best static website design within given time-frame.



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