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A landing page is a website page that shows up when a guest clicks on a PPC advertisement or a search engine result link. The home page of a website isn't the main landing page; each page in a website has a reason and is a potential search engine landing page. A landing page is a page on your site that is designed to convert visitors into leads. A landing page is unique in relation to different pages in that it pursues both of these criteria:

First, it has a shape that allows you to catch a visitors data in exchange for a desired offer. Second, the sole reason for the landing page is to convert visitors into leads (ie a homepage with a form on it doesn't consider a landing page since it fills different needs also). A landing page should contain content that identifies with the keyword search query. For example, searching in Google for website mockup should raise web landing pages that contain content identifying with the keyword phrase "website mockup".

In digital marketing, a landing page is a standalone web page, created specifically for the purposes of a marketing or advertising campaign. Landing pages are designed with a single focused objective known as a Call to Action (CTA).

A landing page is an incredible way to drive traffic, Weblooks IT services help you to enhance your SEO and build your brand. Around 68% of B2B organizations use landing pages to create leads for future conversion. Luckily for you, 44% of these clicks are coordinated toward home pages, which, as we'll discuss, is certifiably not a good strategy. Your website is rewarded for being applicable and giving the clients the data they are searching for. Website owner should focus around a visitor’s purpose of a website visit and the landing page’s target for attracting them. They are simplified and have no distractions. Landing pages lead clients to a specific product, service or offer and service them to make a move. This is your chance to make changes and build your client base.

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